A Basque Internet company behind this Welsh project

| 14-02-2014 10:43 am

Hello there, dear Welsh friends! Please excuse this little intrusion in English, but well... We are CodeSyntax, a Basque Internet company working since the year 2000; and we are the guys behind the machinery of Ffrwti, which we have developed altogether with Nwdls Cyf.

Luistxo Fernandez

This charming man. Geek dad, atheist, Basque. At the helm at http://t.co/BTjb9nDXV7 right now.


Damo! Mae'n edrych fel nad wyt ti yn ein cronfa ddata!

Dydi Ffrwti ddim wedi dod o hyd i wybodaeth amdanat ti. write us and we will add you in the system.