A Basque Internet company behind this Welsh project

| 14-02-2014 10:43 am

Hello there, dear Welsh friends! Please excuse this little intrusion in English, but well... We are CodeSyntax, a Basque Internet company working since the year 2000; and we are the guys behind the machinery of Ffrwti, which we have developed altogether with Nwdls Cyf.

We are a small company, 14 people, and we work with free software. Python programming mainly. In this case, Ffrwti is made with the Python-based Django framework. Since the year 2000, we've built lots of websites and Internet things, for customers mainly, but also, in many cases, just to fill needs in the Basque-language community of the Internet. Blogs and information sites, community initiatives... Lately, we're quite foucused on Twitter-based adventures: retrieving information from that social network, in Basque and other languages (the Niagarank news-site in Spain, for instance). Now, in Welsh too.

The basis for Ffrwti are two Basque projects, Umap.eu, a Twitter based tool that detects and ranks Basque users and content (trending topics and website popularity, for instance); and Sustatu, a collective blog (born in the year 2001), which also hosts an automated news service based in Twitter (links that get more shared in Twitter in Basque, they become news for us). In Ffrwti, those two projects have been fusioned into one. Somehow it's a more complete thing, but at the same time it's simpler as well; it makes more sense to be concentrated.

Ffrwti is heavily Twitter-based. But you, the Welsh Internet community, can directly take part on it too. You are invited to login and post replies or articles. Today is Day 1. There are several bugs in the site yet, but it's functional and you can link and write on it.

We're thankful that the Welsh Government invested in the idea presented by Nwdls Cyf to this language-tech fund that was launched in 2013. We hope that Ffrwti won't disappoint. We'll do our best to ensure the technical side of it. But of course, it's up to you to fill Ffrwti with content, via Twitter, via websites and things that you share on the net, and also directly here, if you wish.


| 14-02-2014 2:42 pm | #1

Thanks to CodeSyntax for all of your hard work!

| 16-02-2014 8:40 pm | #2

Diolch i CodeSyntax! / Eskerrik asko.


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